About Us

JawFish is a custom Print/Branding/Website Design company that provides a personalized and professional service. Our team has been working together for over 5 years as a Graphics/Web duo, and our work reflects our creative yet powerful dynamic. We are not your typical website company, as all of our clients will attest to, because we are full of artistic ideas, character, and ingenuity. We are also business owners ourselves, and can relate to our clients needs; this allows us to think efficiently and cost effectively, while producing a high quality product.

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jawfish team - nick and christi downs

The Team

Christi Downs

is a jack-of-all-trades print/web designer. Style, color, and typography are very important to her, and she utilizes these assets in all of her designs. Christi also enjoys painting, designing, and photography are a few of her favorites.

Nick Downs

is a talented developer/designer who has been working in the industry for over 6 years. His knowledge continues to grow exponentially, and in website design. Nick is also an avid lover of surfing, painting, and enjoying life.

Gavin Downs

the newest member of Jawfish, enjoys banging toys together, listening to Beatles lullaby, and laughing at his parents.

Our Services

Web Development

We create effective, clean, responsive websites for every business trade. Our skilled team can do anything that your company needs in a cost effective way. We also provide SEO, which allows your site to be seen to your customers.

Print Design

Our team can do it all: Logo Design, Menus, Catalogs, and more. We can create a brand that makes your company standout amongst your competitors.


Anyone can take a picture these days, but making it look professional is an art. We provide product photography, and image retouching to ensure your company has the best images for their business.

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If you like what you've heard, and are ready to explore the possibilities of what your company can be visually, then today is the day to embark on a new venture with us.


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